Android Chrome 42 gets push Notifications


Chrome 42 landed with push notifications. But this time, we dona��t have depth definition or in-details about this features. But many websites have stepped in to support this feature. The prime question remains unanswered! What is Chrome Push Notifications?. The Android Chrome and desktop user can get this feature right on their device. User can receive notifications from their regular websites or say favourite websites like Pinterest, Facebook, eBay or Product Hunt. While, Android users will receive notifications like the same way as other app provide. But note, to get this beneficial feature you must get the Chrome browser installed on your device, obviously!

Google Chrome Browser

No matter you open the browser Chrome or other primary Web Browser? You will receive notification till the time you dona��t turn off the application or internet. When the application is active you can enjoy the benefits of notifications landing on your device. Not all websites will support this recent feature, it is up to respective developer how to integrate and implement this feature on their website. The integration is not that difficult, it can be easily combined with HTML5 by using fair knowledge.

Few website which are hosted with supporting this feature will automatically get this Chrome feature and activate the notification part. Whata��s your take of this feature? How this new concept will score in the market.