Android 5.0.2 on Moto X coming soon


Motorola introduced Moto E, Moto X and Moto G, they received huge overwhelming response from its users. Few days ago we heard about, Moto G getting update with latest Lollipop Android version. While, those possessing Moto X-2nd Generation with US Cellular must be searching for upgrade.

motorola moto x

Android 5.0.2 You cannot downgrade to previous version

The recent version of Lollipop version comes with advance features in very pure form. The output of this latest version is very brilliant. With this recent update, a new notification experience can be viewed. User with new update are allowed to check lock screen and rank them, material design goodness and also new app interface with built-in DND (Do-not-disturb) control. If you are not follower of lover of Moto Display you can switch to Lollipop Ambient Display. User can also work on latest downtime setting with Motorola Assist.

If you want to check with new updates, you can head to Setting a�� About Phone a�� System Updates. If you have not yet received a notification from Moto, dona��t disappoint you will receive an update very soon!