Android 4.4.3 update landed on HTC One M8


HTC One M8 is one of the best Smart phones from HTC Company and is loaded with all advanced features. Google has added latest software to it to enable the user to update to Android latest version 4.4.3 Kitkat. With HTC One M8 amazing features and latest Android version, this Smart phone will be more powerful and user can enjoy a new experience. With this update, new features will be added and some bugs will also be fixed. Leta��s have a look at some of the improvements and new features added on HTC One M8.

HTC One M8

4G LTE will also be supported

The main feature which is added with this update is that the Smart phone will now also support 4G LTE. There are only limited Smart phones which support 4G LTE and now HTC One M8 is also added to the list. HTC One M8 users can enjoy ultra fast network on their phone and complete internet tasks quickly.

All bugs are fixed

HTC has considered all the complaints related to M8 and with the release of latest software all the bugs in Android version 4.2.2 are fixed, thus helping in improved performance of the Smart phone. With the update, the users are left with no complaints and are now availing services of their Smart phone without any bug or issue.

Security and network features updated

With HTC One M8 Kitkat 4.4.3 all security and network features are updated. The phone will be safer and now it will be more difficult for hackers to hack the phone. Bluetooth, cellular network and WI-FI performance is also boosted up with this update.

New apps are unlocked

Some new apps are also unlocked and user can download it from play store. New apps like Sensor based apps, camera apps and photo and video gallery app and new version of HTC Sync Manager are unlocked. All the preloaded apps are also updated with Android 4.3.3.

How to update HTC One M8 to Kitkat 4.4.3?

If you are excited about new updates and want to install it on your Smart phone then follow some instructions. First of all make sure that your phone is fully charged because the update will consume a lot of battery.

Go to settings and tap on about the device. After that, tap on Software update, this will first download the latest software and later will install it on your phone. The software is about 659 MB, due to size of the update we suggest that you download it via Wi-fi