Amazon may stop selling Google Chromecast and Apple TV by October End


Amazon is planning to end their sale towards Google chromecast. This might sound astonishing for Amazon user. But yes, reportedly Amazon is planning to end sales of streaming videos. The reason behind stop sales of these products is, as they dona��t support Amazona��s Own Prime Instant Video Service. The two popular products are Apple TV set top box and Google Chromecast HDMI dongle.
According to a source, no new listing of product will be added, also the existing these products will be removed by 29th October.


Last three years, Prime video has earned a good amount of name and Amazon doesna��t like to add their rivals to the list.Amazon has recently launched Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as their video streaming product, which will obviously support Prime Video. Other biggies like Sonya��s Playstation and Microsoft Xbox One will remain in the list, as they support Prime Instant Video.