Amazon AWS Device Farm to be available on 13th July


A true tester might know the pain of testing! Testing Android app on different device can be really be a huge, tedious task and a headache. But what if you receive this service for free? Recently, Amazon has stepped into this world and have offered a unique concept. You might imagine if Amazon is entering this field, they will step with competitive price and level which are benefit strong. At this initial stage, it is difficult to pass any judgements. Amazon has introduced a�?AWS Device Farma�� which is very simple with pricing section and much useful.

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The AWS Device Farm comes at a flat price of $0.17/minute for testing. For first, the user is allotted with 250-minutes free. No plans or rate of subscriptions has been disclosed or displayed by the officials. No priority plans have been introduced yet, it will be very simple just with one level of service. No monthly fees too have been introduced.
There is something called unlimited subscription, if you want to avoid the pricing as per meter you can opt for $250 each month and can utilize for all device tests. This plan will give you a hard time on deciding whether to go for ultimate monthly subscription or pay on meter basis. Small developer might find these AWS Device Farm quite cheaper signing for a couple of hours or say 2-hours with just $20, can make a great deal! The AWS Device Farm will be making its public appearance soon on 13th July, one can check its detail on its official site.