Almost all Android makers cheat on benchmarks


The very first thing that anyone will check before going to purchase any phone, laptop or tablet is the benchmarks but can we actually believe on it? Answer for this is NO. We are not talking about some particular brand, this is true for all. Rather than looking at the benchmarks for any device, it will be better to go through the review for those will will give you better idea. Whenever we need to compare any of two devices then we think that the benchmark tool is the best source to do that but as they are cheating on benchmark score, we cannot believe on that. They are making changes to the benchmark scores so as to increase the sells of some particular device.




Real performance of the device can be different than what is rated on the benchmark board. There are many applications which stores a lot of data in your phone memory and it makes the phone to work slow day by day. So you cannot expect a device to work in the way it supposed to. Phone makers are already aware that the benchmark tool will be used to check the device performance. So they include software within the device which enhances the device performance when we run the popular benchmark tools on the phone. As a result of that we get good benchmark score on board but that’s not true when it comes to real use. They do not increase the CPU/GPU increase for high rating. Whenever the benchmark tool is detected, it locks the CPU cores to its high frequency and as a result of that the rating goes high. This increases the score up to 3 to 10 percent of the i scores making it difficult to rely on such numbers. That leaves us pondering on why such a step is required in the first place by the mobile makers