A Bizarre Heart Shaped Phone a�?Heart 401ABa�� in Japan


We have seen Smartphone with trendy specifications, different screen size. But one thing seem to be common is its shape. The shape of all Smartphone seem to be a bit similar with varied sizes. The Ymobile, a mobile manufacturer from Japan has introduced a twist! The Ymobile has come with a heart-shaped phone. Yes, you have heard it right. The manufacturer are trying new style to pitch sale. The Heart 401AB will go on sale from March in Japan.The Heart 401AB will wor on PHS network in Japan. The PHS netword is used by low-cost voice transmitting systems. But a trick to play with heart shape phone seem to be bit odd. Also thanks to its press release, which aimed in gender marketing. The marketing was targeted mainly on its shape, size which will fit in womena��s hand, pretty odd right?

heart shaped phone

The Heart 401AB will come with 23mm of thickness and not so trendy shape. The phone offers app to transfer address boo, stylish operation on the device. Also you can twist the heart shaped phone to get peanut shape, a straight mode. You can change into straight mode to make calls. It offers 128 X 36-Dot display with 100 entries and also with heart shaped charger. These might sound like minimum features a phone can deliver, but you need to compromise something to get heart-shape phone!
This is definitely ultimate concept the mobile manufacturer can land with! Some carriers are also planning to offer Data-plans to this Heart 401AB, but which carries from Japan is still not out!