Ms-Dos for Windows phones: April Fools Prank


Microsoft has come up with ita��s new productivity focused MS-DOS smartphone operating system , dismissing all the allegationa��s of being less productive and innovative in their mobile phone domain. The Operating System is very familiar to the DOS era. MS-DOS Mobile has the similar classic look and the ability to launch the phone application and as well as the C:/ drive prompt.
The company has provided a couple of known DOS featurea��s and commands which are phone specific to make the phone functiona��s smooth , simple and user friendly. The Nokia Lumia smartphones touch screen will run on the MS-DOS Operating System along the Microsoft phone range

ms dos

The commands that Microsoft has added in ita��s MS-DOS Mobile allowa��s you to open feature like camera , map , search/cortana , phone , email , market and some more , you just have to type the command and it opens the feature you need for example email [address] will launch the email client and you can send an email to the mentioned address . You can access all the Applicationa��s and foldera��s in the C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE that store all these apps and files.There are a couple of more iconic DOS featurea��s like Ver : it displays the existing version , Time , Color : allows users to customize the background and foreground color and change the appearance of DOS , Clear Screen , Echo allows users to put a customized message on the screen , Date and a couple more . Though it might not sound very appealing or exciting ita��s more like old vine in a new bottle .

Though Microsoft needa��s to wipe away the generation gap between them and the users , it looks like they are really trying hard to compete with other smartphone mogula��s by adding some brownie points like Operating System like features that include WIN : this option launches the windows 3.1 version , ASCII/CGA CAMERA : enables a camera with CGA and ASCII modes and the classic game of ROCK , PAPER SCISSORS : the player can access the game by navigating to C:\GAMES\RPS\RPS.EXE. It looks like the Microsoft MS-DOS Mobile will give many usera��s a nostalgic feeling allowing them to reminisce in their old memories .