$50 entry price tag for Project Ara smartphone courtesy Google


Project Ara smartphone is a modular smartphone that has swappable parts. Google is working on this project and according to various sources and report from Time, it is expected that Googlea��s project Ara smartphone can enter in market by 2015. Google targets $50 entry price tag for Project Ara smartphone. We already knew that Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo last month but they retain the team with their project. They are working hard on Project Ara Smartphone and we expect that it will come with best output.


In $50 which is set by Google, users will get very basic setup with WiFi. It will be missing cellular connection as well. If you want to have additional modules in your smartphone then it will add extra amount. We may also get to see multiple models at launch of device. According to report from Time, Googlea��s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group said that device will come in three sizes and you cannot customize its size. So it will target all customers for pocket friendly device to phablets.

Project Ara will be developed around Google supplies endoskeleton and so Google will be having good control over platform. It is reported that Project Ara prototype is with 9.7 mm thickness with modules added to it. We expect that they will provide more information that who are going to build additional Project Ara modules soon. So by that time, Please share your views on this new concept and how will it benefit you.