How to Transfer Pokémon Go Account to a New iPhone


We totally understand how hard and challenging it is to reach a desirable position in Pokémon go and factually speaking fellas nowadays find it easy to break up with their girlfriend than to break up with the Pokémon go gameplay. Well it isn’t easy to catch a Pokémon and then raise it! This game is some much enjoying to the worldwide players that even rapid battery drain caused by this game goes unnoticed.You don’t need to worry about transferring your Pokémon go account to a new iPhone because it is pretty straight forward process and we’ll guide you step by step while you do so ( not trying to babysit you but!).

Pokemon Go iOS
In order to transfer tour account first of all you will need to know which account you have used when you firstly signed up with Pokémon go on your iPhone. You can easily find it in the settings of the Pokémon go game.
1. Open Pokémon go on your iPhone.
2. Look down at the bottom of you screen, you’ll see a pokéball at the bottom center, tap on it.
3. In the top right corner of you display, tap on the settings icon.
4. That’s it! Make a few scrolls down the page and you will find your singed in account on top of the sign out option.
Now that you know the email you used to sign up for the Pokémon go account, you can access you game progress from any device now by using this email ID because all you game data is saved in a cloud. Follow the steps shown below to do so.

1. Open the App store on your iPhone.
2. Look for the Pokémon go, download and install it.
3. After you get it on your phone, open it.
4. Now sign in to Pokémon go by using your google account or Pokémon go trainer club account.
That’s it! Now enjoy the Pokémon go on your new iPhone.