Sony’s PlayStation VR headset goes on sale


After Googles Daydream, now Sony has put forth its PlayStation VR headset at $399. Sony by setting a low key price tag is expecting to dominate over the other pricey headsets including HTC Vivo, Oculus Rift by Facebook and others. Sony after refocusing its business wing towards gaming and game oriented peripherals is all set in their goals and reports suggest that Sony’s main source of profit is their gaming unit. The price tags of Oculus rift and HTC Vivo being $599 and $799 respectively, Sony is hoping to make the buyers attention shift towards their $399 product. Besides Sony’s hope relies on 40 million users of their gaming consoles

The PlayStation VR headset designed by Sony is all ready to work with PS4 without the need of buying any al equipment. After forecasting the sales of 1.4 million units in 2016, market researcher IHS Technology mentioned that a�? “Sony is well-positioned to build an early lead in the high-end VR headset racea�?.
If we will try to brush up the history, back then Sony was the developer of the famous Walkman portable cassette player and also became the first firm to put forth first compact disc player. And now Sony is hoping to take a giant lead in VR headset developing section in order to rise back to the top. Now the main focus of Sony corp. has shifted towards development in gaming division.

Andrew House, Sony’s gaming division chief, while doing an interview with Reuters clearly mentioned that he is working hard in order to explore the whole world of possibilities for VR headset. He stated that “We are talking about years into the future, but these are interesting conversations to start having nowa�?.
Nomura analysts while keeping the fact that Sony will have to compete in a market which is highly crowded suggested that their VR headset sales will rise up to 40 million by 2020 and keeping all other non gaming accessories in account the sum will be $10 billion.

On the other hand Facebooks Oculus Rift is being heavily funded by Mark Zuckerberg, making an investment of $500 million in its developmental works. Facebook is also thinking about making a standalone VR headset which will be able to run without having to be tethered with consoles or PC’s. Besides Facebook, Intel Corp and Qualcomm Inc, are also working on making standalone headsets. They are expecting the headset developers to use their chipsets and technologies foe building these VR headsets.