Iradish Y6 2.5D Radian 1.54 inch Chinese smartwatch worth to buy


The use of Smart watches has intensified over the decade with people preferring to have them than using various devices which can be subsisted with just only one device. Smart watches generally have the ability to play a variety of music ,voice record ,connect by the use of BluetoothA� and act as a cell phone. You will be in a position to use your smart phone using digital functionality; just touching you screen to carry out any relevant function. Most of the people have useful information about smart watches but for those who are curious and also for additional information. This article will educate you on the various features of iradish y6 2.5D Radian Smart watch; this is among the best smart watches in the market.

Iradish Y6

Basic Information

This is a Iradish brand type smart watch .This watch will act as a watch and also as a phone among a variety of related functionality. It can support external memory which is a TF card which can be extended up to 32 GB.

iradish Y6 color

Phone functionality

The iradish y6 2.5D Radian Smart watch can act as a cell phone and supports network type of GSM. Its wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth and NFC. It has a variety of frequencies which includes GSM850, 1800, 900, 1900MHZ.It will support Bluetooth functionality, enabling you to share files and document.

iradish Y6 features


This phone has a sim card slot which has been fitted on it .This is a single slim slot which supports a micro size sim card. It also has a TF card slot which can be used to add any additional memory which might be necessary. It has been fitted with quality speakers to make your music listening enjoyable.

iradish Y6 connectivity


This watch has one camera fitted on it. This is a back camera with a 1.3 mega pixel. Using your phone as a camera is something quite fascinating and not thought of as possible by lots of people.

iradish Y6 camera

Media formats supported

Some of the media format supported by this phone includes: WAV, AAC and MP3 .The video format which is supported is the 3GP video format. Basically with a phone which supports this formats you will definitely not get bored when you have this phone close.

iradish Y6 music

Package content

The whole package will contain: watch cell, a battery of 1 * 350maH, a USB cable and a manual of how to use this watch cell.

iradish Y6 content packed


This watch supports a variety of languages, this includes: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, polish, Russian and Portuguese and Turkish. Most of the people definitely understand one of these languages.


This watch has been designed in a relatively suitable size; its weight is 0.060 KG. You will enjoy the mobility which is associated with this watch. The screen size is a massive 1.54 inch, this is the same concept being used by smart phones; having a large screen size in relation to the size of the phone.

iradish Y6 dimensions

Basically there are lots of great smart watches in the market but this definitely has its mark on the market.

Price and Availability

Iradish Y6 2.5D Radian available in just 33.99 USD, Hurry buy Now.