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XiaoMi Water Quality TDS Tester Pen- Are you sure the water you consume daily is clean? If not then what are you waiting for Xiaomi just on time makes it available to you this cute portable TDS test pen and brings along for any trips to determine the quality of water based on TDS guidelines.

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This XiaoMi water quality TDS tester pen is a object to increase your life quality, you can test the water quality anytime anywhere, to know that whether the water you drink is good or bad. With this tester, you will be healthier, so come and get it as soon as possible!
a�? It is highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology.
a�? It detects three kinds of impurities; soluble salts,ionic organic compound and heavy metal ions
a�? It has water-proof,antirust and anti-corrosion function.
a�? It has low power chip and auto power-off function
a�? It has two replaceable built-in fastener batteries.

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No fanciful packaging, it comes with the TDS test pen and simple guide/disclaimer sheet.The TDS test pen measures to a normal ballpoint pen. Unfortunately, it does not come with a clip on the body to improve its portability.

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The body is made water resistant (IPX6). The top compartment holds the replaceable batteries while the bottom cap protects the electrode sensors when the test pen is not used.
A simple press of the test button, one will be able to get the TDS meter reading in seconds when the electrodes are submerged into the test liquid.TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and thus a TDS meter will measure all negative (anions) and positively charged ions (cations) that are present in water. Click here to buy

XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router Youth Edition

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XiaoMi Mi WiFi is a superstrong signal,minifigure that has been condensed to a palmsize yet still of high quality.This router is simple and elegant and ready to give you the best performance. Small size, the function is stronger, with better signal PCB antenna, high-performance processors, as well as acclaimed MiWiFi intelligent router system.Now you finally have a sophisticated and delicate, beautiful and powerful routers.

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a�? Dual bands(2.4GHz+5GHz), even though the IOS device can view the files which is stored in the routers after installing the Xiaomi Mini Router App.
a�? Built-in wireless 1TB Hard mobile hard disk drive, read files as your will.
a�? Can connect your camera with xiaomi Mi router easily and it will copy your files automatically.
a�? Ita��s angle of antenna is adjustable
a�? Exquisite design suitable to be set anywhere.
a�? It just needs a OS of Mi WiFi router with the safety and easy to use environment.
a�? It has a smart router that fits your palm.
a�? It comes with a premium PCB router,strong signal coverage and anti-interference
a�? Micro USB port, works with Mi power bank, with the 10000mAh power bank can support 30 hours
a�? Essential 300M 802.11n WiFi
a�? With chip lever signal enhancement technique
a�? With high performance equipment, it will be still stable and smooth when it connect to a lot of devices
a�? With 2.4G WiFi, 2.4GHz ROM, 16M flash, 64M DDR2, 3 Color led display
a�? With 2 LAN, 1 WAN, micro USB power-in interface

XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router Youth Edition 2
This is a high performance equipment which will still be stable and smooth when connected to many devices.Click here to buy

XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router Amplifier

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Its a unique device which helps in boosting signals of your existing router. This simple device makes it easy to get signals to those far fetched corners of your the house with out any hassles. With simple pairing using Plug and PLay it starts working right away.

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With 180 degree rotation the Wifi Router can be conveniently used to point any direction eliminating the need of placing the router at odd places. With Automatic updates the XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router Youth Edition is always up to date.Click here to buy