Everbuying exciting new offers on Ulefone Be touch 2


Ulefone be touch 2 offers their latest android smartphone exclusively on Everbuying.The phone is already selling like hotcakes with pre-orders escalating as the clock ticks.This is the most affordable high-tech smartphone in the market.This amazing offer for this product comes in two versions: The first version is $229.99 but we have reduced its price to $198 after you use our coupon code of: BT2EB.
As if that is not enough ,it also comes with free gifts;
a�? The price above is inclusive of a free 32GB micro SD card.
a�? Free Ultra thin TPU case to protect your sleek phone always.
a�? Free tempered glass screen to keep your screen that day one look forever.
a�? Two years warranty.Hurry now and grab yours before they are depleted!! Click here to buy

UleFone Be Touch 2 Android

The other version of our offer is giving you your desired Ulefone be Touch 2 at a takeaway price of $179.99 and only $172.99after you have used our coupon code :EBUlefone.This one has has no free gift but the price is just unimaginably low.Stay in touch with your friends via social media and listen to your music. Click here to buy


UleFone Be Touch 2 Processor

This phone has a 3GB RAM and a 16GB ROM.Its equipped with a 1.7GHz MTK6752 Octa Core which gives it a superior speed in terms of processing and also has a better functionality since it allows multitasking and sharing of load, it is fast beyond your imagination. It runs on an android OS of the 5.1 4G Phablet which gives the user an advantage of running and installing any application of their choice . Ita��s also fitted with dual camera that is the 5.0 MP front camera and 13.0 MP with flashlight back camera . This camera gives out clear images that you have captured . It has a 5.5 inches screen with IPS technology fitted with Gorilla Glass 3 to protect screen against scratches.This is the phone we recommend for you dona��t miss this! , own this phone and enjoy all fun in abroad vision.It has a front fingerprint scanner and it can identify you in 0.1 to 0.5 seconds and you can use it even with hands wet.

UleFone Be Touch 2 Camera
Ita��s equipped with a dual cameras these are the 5.0 MP front camera and the 13.0MP rear high definition back camera with flashlight and auto focus camera. The cameras are very powerful and can not only take images but also can record videos in high definition of up to 1920 pixels. It gives sharp and clear images giving you a sense of real life and real nature view with your phone. This was just meant for you dona��t be left behind. Opportunity knocks once, never hesitate!

Battery life
UleFone Be Touch 2 Battery
It is equipped with 3050mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery ensuring a long lasting battery and has low power consumption to achieve long battery stand by time. The battery enables you to go through the day and beyond without having any trouble. No battery problems anymore, take your time with no low battery interruptions, leta��s go!

UleFone Be Touch 2
Connectivity is the most important feature that we look at. For Uelefone be touch 2,you got nothing to worry, we have solved all your problems. It allows you to connect to wireless networks like wi-fi. It has 3G.and 4G to enable you to browse faster without any difficulties.