Elephone P6000 and Elephone P8000 available at heavy discounts


Elephone phones are characterized by great innovation and use of the latest technology during their manufacture. These phones have embraced all the latest requirements necessary for an android phone. Two of great android phones will be on a retailing at a discount; this is from 24 July to 25 August at Everbuying.net These phones are: Elephone p6000 and Elephone p8000.A look at various features of this phone is essential for one to be in a position to a certain what they will get during this discounted period.

Elephone P7000

1. Elephone P6000

elephone p6000 main
This is a phone which has hit the market with a huge bang; it is characterized by all important features which are essential for a top rated android phone for use in the current society. The following are some of the specs of this phone. This phone has also been pre-installed with Android 5.1


elephone p6000 2

This phone has been fit with an Octa Core MT653 and a 3 GB RAM .With this power, this phone is in a position to do anything you may want. From games which require high performance to running very advanced software’s


elephone p6000 7
This phone has been fitted with a 16 GB storage capacity. This is basically sufficient space for a phone storage purposes.


elephone p6000 4
This phone supports 4g network among other networks .e.g. GSM, 3G


elephone p6000 6
This phone has dual camera support. The back camera has a 13.0 MP while the front has a 2.0MP.

Actual price: USD $ 145.52 Activity: 119.99usd from 24th July to 25th August Click here to buy

2. Elephone P8000 Android

elephone p8000 1 main
This is the best definition of smart phone to cater for all your phone requirement. From the exterior design to the functionality of this phone, you will definitely enjoy using this phone. This phone has a screen size and resolution which is highly rated. A look at some of the features of this phone will just show how you will enjoy purchase of this phone especially now when it is retailing at a discounted price.

Processor and RAM

elephone p8000 2 processor
This phone has been fitted with an Octa Core processor which has a speed of 1.5GHZ, this is supported by a 3GB RAM. With this power, you will enjoy using this phone to run different softwares and games.


elephone p8000 memory
This phone has been fitted with a 16 GB Memory with this memory you will plenty much save all your data, documents and videos which are necessary.


elephone p8000 1 camera
This camera has dual camera functionality; the back camera has a resolution of 13 MP while the front camera has a resolution of 5.0 MP.


elephone p8000 1 display
This phone has been fitted with a Capacitive screen type which has a resolution of 1920 * 1080 which is full HD .The screen size is 5.5 inch.

Actual price: USD $ 209.99. Activity: 169.99usd from 24th to 27th July .Click here to buy
24 July to 27 August is the time to get any of these two phones at a great discount on Everbuyin.net; you should note that when this period elapses, the discount will be lifted.