Best Chinese Affordable Portable Speakers in July 2015


Portable speakers are currently emerging as a major option for people who love mobility and loud sounds for a speaker. With this small speaker, you are in a position to listen to music from a variety of devices; this includes laptops, phones and iPods. These speakers only require a device which has a Blue-tooth connection or a 3.5mm audio connection. These are basically present in all phones, iPods or laptops. There are a great number of portable speakers in the market; the following includes two of the best.

Portable original Xiamo wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker

1. Ha-mate3 in 1 Handheld Speaker

This is a portable speaker which provides you with quality sounds for longer duration without any necessity to recharge it. This speaker can be rotated in a 360 degree from the top cap. To use it all you need is to pull out and rotate the top cap and insert you 3.5 audio connector. Press play to your playlist and adjust the volume to the required level. Some of the incredible features of this speaker include

Primary features

ha mate speaker charger 03
This speaker is a brand from Ha-Mate Company. This speaker is a three in one speaker and supports loud speaker operations. This speaker is compatible with: MP4, iPhone, mobile phones, mp3.The only connection you will require is a 3.5mm audio or, micro USB or USB 2.0.the color of this speaker is silver, this is quite an appealing color for a speaker.

Technical parameter
ha mate speaker charger 04
This speaker uses a speaker impedance of 4 ohm and consumes a total power of 2W; this is quite economical. Considering the battery capacity is 3000mAh they you can be sure the speaker will not need charging for a sufficient period of time. This speaker operates at a frequency of 200Hz-20 KHz.

Dimensions and weight
ha mate speaker charger 01
This speaker has been designed specifically to be portable; its weight is about 0.154 kg while the product size is quite convenient for any portability options.

Package contents
Purchase of this portable speaker will come with the portable speaker, a portable power charger, a phone stand, a USB cable and an English manual. These Amazing portable speakers are available at at discount rates of 12.79$. Click here to buy

2. X-Mini We portable Wireless
This is a portable speaker which has been designed for loud music and great sound quality. This speaker has a textured rubber cover which acts as a bottom base. If you want metal lanyard loop you only have to flip it around. By placing the rubber cover under the speaker you give it an extra grip making it to stay fixed on the table or any surface. Some of the amazing specifications of this device include

x min wireless speaker 05

Primary features

x min wireless speaker 04

This speaker is a model from X-Mini We. It has specifically been designed for high fidelity and loud sound. This speaker supports loudspeaker ,hand-free calls and Bluetooth .It is compatible with a variety of devices ,this includes: PC ,MP3 ,iPod ,MP4 ,MP5 ,Mobile phone ,and iPod. This speaker uses a 3.5mm audio connection or a micro USB. Its audio source include Bluetooth enabled devices or an electronic devices which have a 3.5mm plug. It has been designed with high quality plastic to enable high durability.

Technical and other parameters

x min wireless speaker 06
This speaker uses a Bluetooth version of V3.0 .Ita��s battery has a storage capacity of 400mA while the charging voltage is 5V.

Dimensions and weight

x min wireless speaker 01

This speaker has a 0.048 kg. Its dimensions are specifically designed to enable high portability options.The best part is yet to come, these portable speakers are at available at heavy discount at at heavy discount available for 8.71$, for viewers. Click here to buy