Best budget Chinese phone Mstar M1 PRO in August 2015


There are dozens of brands and hundreds of smartphones available markets these days but this one has more interesting features ,more brilliant interaction effect and will undoubtedly bring more color to your life. Take a look and spread the word. Mstar M1 PRO ANDROID is one in a million types of smartphones but it has outstandingly proved to be the most convenient, of high quality and yet affordable. This is one of the powerful and beautiful smartphones, beauty is wherever when you touch it combined with smooth line with its luxurious design and features. It also comes with spectrum of beautiful and charming colors for you to choose depending on your taste and preference. Simpler operation bringing you more fun, purchase Mstar M1 PRO enjoy your smart life.

Mstar M1 Pro

This phone has a 2GB RAM and a 16GB ROM.Its equipped with a 1.7GHz MTK6752 Octa Core which gives it a superior speed in terms of processing and also has a better functionality since it allows multitasking and sharing of load, it is fast beyond your imagination. It runs on an android OS of the 5.0 Lollipop which gives the user an advantage of running and installing any application of their choice . Ita��s also fitted with dual camera that is the 8.0 MP front camera and 13.0 MP with flash-light back camera . This camera gives out clear images that you have captured ,so if you love taking photos and pictures this is the phone we recommend for you dona��t miss this! The 5.5 inch HD (1280×720) high definition display with IPS screen technology, own this phone and enjoy all fun in abroad vision. This phone also has a blue-tooth to allow sharing and fitted with GPS.

Mstar M1 Pro Processor

Its equipped with a dual cameras these are the 8.0 MP front camera and the 13.0MP rear camera. The cameras are very powerful and can not only take images but also can record videos in high definition of up to 1280 px. It gives sharp and clear images giving you a sense of real life and real nature view with your phone. This was just meant for you dona��t be left behind.

Mstar M1 Pro Camera

Mstar M1 Pro is not only equipped with connectivity measures but also the best and modern connectivity measures .The Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to connect to other within its proximity and share desired files or even apps .Also it provides strong network connections with the GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600MHz unlocked for worldwide use and the 4G network which will give you the most amazing experience and will enhance internet speed and also rapidly transfer data.

Mstar M1 Pro Connectivity

It is equipped with a large battery of capacity of 3000mAh making it possible for a longer standby time. No need to be afraid of no electricity anymore, buy Mi Pro, take your time and enjoy yourself anywhere anytime no matter in work or life. No battery problems anymore, take your time with no low battery interruptions , leta��s go!

Mstar M1 Pro Battery


Price and Availability

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