What is Tilt App | How to use Tilt App


The recent rise in the technological levels has led to most of the app developers to come up with amazing apps. This has also been attributed to the recent increase in competition because apps are being developed day and night. The Tilt app is one of the highly rated apps in the iTunes store that has really got the attention of several users. It also one of the highly downloaded apps that one can ever imagine to own at the moment. This is an app that allows you to collect money from a group with no charges at all. The money that you earn is from inviting various people to join the apps forum and you will be awarded. This is an app that most university student are using to earn. Ita��s a very straightforward and perfect way to earn especially if you have got a lot of friends on the social media platform. This app is not only available on the iTunes store but also in the Google play store. Here is a perfect guide on how to use this Tilt app.

tilt app
A Guide to use Tilt App

a�?Download the app from iTunes or Google play store.

Tilt app is found on the iTunes or Google play store, so you can log in to your store and download this app. After downloading it you install it and when the installation is done you can then launch the app using the app icon on the home screen of your phone.

a�?Set the Minimum amount to be earned.

At this stage is when you are going to decide on the type of currency you want to earn. You also be required to set the minimum amount to earn.

a�?Share out the information on the social media platform.

Using the sharing tools that are found in the app you will share out the information on your timelines on the various social media platforms that you have accounts with. Immediately you share out the information on the platform a reminder will be sent to your fiends so that they can also chip in.

a�?Monitor those who have paid and those who havena��t.

After the invited friends have chipped in they will have to pay some fee. You can also monitor those who have paid and those who havena��t by sending them a reminder.

a�? Collect the money you have earned.

This option allows all of those whom you have invited to pay money safely using their credit and debit cards. The security details of the transaction are done in the safest way possible.

a�?Withdraw your funds.

After the invited members have chipped in and paid you will then receive your payments. Funds can only be withdrawn after reaching the minimum amount that you had set earlier on. Withdrawal of the funds usually takes 1-2 business days.

This is one of the legitimate methods through which college students are earning without the need of hustling for some extra cash. Try it out for you to feel the real essence of earning without hustle the more friends you invite and they chip in the more you earn.