Valentines Day Special – Best Valentine Day application for Android review


It’s that time of the year again, when roses and champagnes and chocolates fly off store shelves to keep lovers happy. Well with so much happening around in the physical world, can Android world be far behind? So here I review the best Valentine’s Day Application for Android. With so much happening around Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be befitting that an App called Valentine’s Day Special by Publisher Medoli (small 231 Kb download) that surprised your love ones with romantic poems, SMSes, songs or pictures would be just about appropriate. Start off with exploring the history of St. Valentine’s Day, how it was started and how it has evolved over the centuries. Explore the top ten romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day in 2014. Then move onto sharing and saving some romantic SMSes. There is more for you to do with this app, and you can save and share your love versifications as well. Stop not, and continue to share flowers, and be sure to check your love quotient using Love Meter which is a Love Calculator and Love Tester.

Ask the stars for what it is in store for the months ahead using the Love Horoscope. Why stop here? How about exploring gastronomic delights especially for St. Valentine’s Day? Well worries not there are some sweet recipes that are sure to come in handy. Why not dress up appropriately for St. Valentine’s Day. Well the App sure has some good ideas for costumes in the Dress Up section. Obviously you’d want your phone index to go up on Valentine’s Day so, be sure to download Valentine’s Day ringtones. And if you like me are alone this Valentine’s Day, have no worries cause there is a section just for Singles, which offers tips for singles.

Valentines Day Special

How about capping a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day well spent with your loved one with a movie, well, worry not; the App has a list of movies that will send your love quotient soaring in the St. Valentine’s Day Movies section. Be sure to check out the right kind of euphony that needs to be played on Valentine’s Day in the Romantic Music section. To deck up your Android cellphone for the occasion, by downloading love wallpapers and Valentine’s day wallpaper.

I know a lot of this sounds cliched, especially since Valentine’s Day comes every year on February the fourteenth, but you never know with this app and its numerous romantic aids, this year your Valentine’s Day may just be extra special. All the best!

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