Top Five Games For Windows Phone May 2015


Games on Windows have become so popular that it has come to a point where age is no barrier. The web is full of games. Games frequently played on Windows and which is high profile are mostly battlefield games and Air Force Squadron games. The list is endless and the plots are nail-biting right to the end. The new era of games have a lot of bloodshed compared with games such as Super Mario etc and are poles apart. But the “In” games for 2015 are:-

Windows Phone 8.1

Candy Crush Saga

This game although time consuming, as it goes from one stage to another, challenging your friends and sending lives and other goodies, while keeping your sweet tooth buzzing and your finger extremely busy, is one such game that would never be outdated and has made its way into 2015 as well.

Pirate’s Path:

This game provides an endless path for the player to go on, searching for unique items to build up points for self and moving further.The game has different levels of play that a player can choose as per wish. As the character in the play moves ahead in the age-old paths, the player has to make points by collecting all the valuables in sight, to be promoted to the next level.

Fairway Solitaire:

This game provides an entertaining gameplay by combining golf with solitaire. The normal solitaire play is accompanied by having to take the longest drives to win a game. It forms an addiction for some players who are glued to their smartphones searching solutions of the game and hanging on for newer and latest versions at all times.All the tactics of playing cards remain the same as before, with the player having to get over with the displayed cards by putting them into the stack offered, in a limited timeframe before the game gets over.

8-Ball Pool

Now who would say no to 8-Ball Pool? I guess no one. Take aim and shoot away, 8-Ball Pool brings in a lot of excitement where you play against opponents and are rewarded by free spins everyday and a scratch and match games, if your spin wheel comes to rest on it. The new trend in 8-Ball Pool for 2015 is the ongoing competition, where the players are awarded bonus coins at the end of the week, depending on your winnings.

Glow Dots:

The player in the game is provided with a series of glowing dots of different colors. The dots of the same color have to be connected together to earn points. The screen should not be fully filled with the dots when they are handled well.The dots of the same color are blown off, earning points for the player.As the player makes more points, they go closer to reaching another new level, one after the other.