Top Five apps for iOS for 1st week of July 2015


2015 will be a very memorable year for the Apple users. Some of the splendid apps introduce in this year, which gives the apple user a better performance of their iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Some of these apps took a very high ranking for their characteristics and looks. iOS have been always peoplea��s first choice because of its apps and their hassle free performance. We got a lot of reviews that shows us the reasons for the worldwide popularity of the apple is just, not because of the stigma or the performance of the phone, but the apps which give the user necessary comfort of having an iPhone or a MacBook.In the recent time most popular apps for the iOS user are listed beneath:

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

1. Fiverr Face: Fiverr face gives you the option to receive your real time portrait from a specialist artist. With this apps portrait will be easier because you dona��t need to sit for a long time in front of the artist. You only require to make your favourite selfies and order your portrait over this cool app. The best part is that there is no option for a software base portrait. Each and every portrait are being created by the graphic artist. Thata��s why it requires some time, almost 7 days to deliver the portrait after ordering. Fiver face is a real service which introduce by the freelancing website. You need to spend $10 for this nice iOS app.

2. KITCUT: KITCUT is an app for making visual mashups. The app is really fun as they would give you the choice to get some funny mashups picture. On that point are some built-in temples which makes the apps very easy to manage. KITCUT use Face-book login to sign-up which might be not appreciated by a lot of users. But overall it is a fun app which gives you the authority to upload your picture straight to your social network like twitter, Face-book, and Instagram.

3. OftenType: For the apple user oftenType is like a keyword. This app will make the user choice of creating their own customizable, button and distinguished them as different icon. One can form a new button and also provide the essential text snippet or multiple snippet. This app is mostly practised by those who use to send a lot of mail. Because this app will provide you the option of creating your own keys which insert multiple line. It gives you the option to create your own signature of some common format of email so no need to type it over and over again.

4. Hykoo: Hykoo is a video sharing app. It will afford you the choice to make your own short clips and share it with your allies through social networking site. Total duration is 12 second and can share it through your social web.

5. Magic 8 Ball: Ita��s a funny app which will answer any of the queries you have in your mind. 20 answers are pre-chosen. Ita��s only a fun app, but actually pretty good to have some wise companion in your pocket who can resolve any of your queries.