Top five Android games for Third Week of July


Games have now been an integral part of your life where all work no play makes you dull same way a smartphone with no games makes it useless. In this era games have evolved a lot with great graphics and one of the great ideas behind developing a game have made it fun and so daily new smartphone with great features are offered to deliver you the same experience.

Google play store offers you thousands of games where you can select the ones, which make you feel comfortable playing with (puzzle action sports racing etc.). here we are going to give the list of few of the best games that might entertain you and provides you a great gaming experience for the third week of July

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Kochadaiiyaan:Reign of Arrows

The game is based on Bollywood film Kochadaiiyaan where “the great Rajnikath the superstar” fights the evil and establishes good over evil. The game have been developed in two version this one is the latest with new enemies new backgrounds. The games let you aim & shoot arrows to kill those enemies whether it may be normal guards, ninjas, or meteoroids. Overall, game experience is too good, each level is interesting, and you tend to get addicted to the game.

AirFighters Pro

AirFighters pro is a flight simulation game already being considered as the simplest yet best flight simulation games ever made for android. The game comes with high elaborate world with all stages for flight simulation from take-off to landing. The game shows airports where users will land their plane, or start. You can proceed as an advance user by skipping its tutorial but It is recommend to travel through the game’s tutorial therefore but you’ll be able to perceive the fundamental instructions of flying a plane, and afterward you’ll be able to start choosing missions.

Galaxy Legend

This game is complete based to space invasion and protection where you have to protect your clan or people from being captured where you have to be the so-called Legendary Hero. The game is a combination of action and strategy and game starts in the year 2841 where new chapter is written in human’s history. You will be the commanding officer whose objective is to protect your clan and eradicate others. The games works quite well and is fun to play with the game is completely free to install.

Water logic

Water Logic is a simplest yet addictive logical puzzle game. The game rules are very simple but the solution is always difficult to achieve. You have JAR’s of different sizes, which you can manipulate to get the required output. The Jars are not marked so you can only pour water from one JAR to another or complete empty it. You can try obtaining the output by transferring water form one jar to another. The games earlier stages are too simple but as you proceed you need to actually scratch your head to obtain its are you up for the challenge. Do you think you can complete all the levels in the minimum number of moves? Try it for yourself!

Head Soccer

FIFA world cup is on the verge there are large number of games newly launched to entertain you. Head soccer has a simple control but it turns out to be very difficult to defeat your opponent. The game provides you with special powers like dragon shoot ice shoot, which enables you to win your matches. The game provides you with 45 avatars to play with and enjoy the FIFA fever.