Top Apps and software download for Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung Galaxy S5 is launched and being the most powerful phone with latest hardware and OS, Samsung can run every app and software on it for Android. Almost all apps are compatible with your Samsung S5 phone and you can go through some of the important apps listed below and get it downloaded for your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Google Goggles
It is very important and very useful application for your phone. This app allows you to click a picture and let Google analyze them and produce result page resemble to the photo you searching for. You will get all the relevant information to know in detail about that pictures content which you searched for. You can also use this app as QR reader which helps you to scan barcodes. You can download this app by visiting the link provided below.

Google Goggles

Download Google Googles for Galaxy S5

BBC News
If you are the one who like to keep abreast with latest news then you should surely download BBC News app. You can get updated to all the news with the help of this app. This app has good UI and home screen which allows you to search all the news effortlessly. You can get touch with all the news running globally and get it on your phone. To download this app all you have to do is visit to the link provided below and get it downloaded easily on your phone.

BBC News

Download BBC News App for Galaxy S5

Most effective keyboard for smartphones is here.This keyboard has feature of memorizing all the words typed by you and when you revise that word it shows with automatic correction and completes the word. Swiftkey also provides prediction of next word which you going to type. You can make use of three languages on this keyboard for typing, there are set of numbers but you can use three at a time. You can move your fingers on the keyboard and you get your word typed. You can customize your keyboard size and layouts for better looks of your keyboard. Download this multiple feature app on your phone and make typing easier.

SwiftKeyDownload SwiftKey for Galaxy S5

Samsung S5 is business phone too so all your important documents and files can be stored in Evernote. It works same like Dropbox. With the help of this app you can hide your document and sync all your notes and memos on your phone and access them anywhere. Download this effective app from the link provided below.

EvernoteDownload Evernote for Galaxy S5

Telegram is emerging instant messaging apps and it allows you to send message within fraction of seconds. Most important part of this app is that, you will not find any advertisement in between the app which makes this phone very fast and reliable. You can send files, picture and videos to any of the contacts who are using Telegram. You can send almost 1GB file to your contacts if necessary, so it is very powerful app if compared to Whats app.

Telegram MessengerDownload Telegram for Galaxy S5