Top 5 Zombie Games for iOS May 2015


The software company of Apple Inc. has regularly kept all its users satisfied by offering a myriad range of options in very short times. The company has a vey well-developed software exclusively for its own hardware.This software is easily found in all the hardware offered by the company, and that makes the transfer of data as well as other services easily between the devices.It does not cause any sort of problems in between transfer of different files between the different devices, like Iphone, Ipad and all the latest and age old hardware of the company. Along with the usage of hardware and software of the company for their own benefit, the user is never tired off engaging with games that the smartphone has to offer.The top 5 zombie games for iOS are introduced as under:-

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Plants vs Zombies 2

This game has always had people coming back for more as they are addicted to playing it again and again, a lot many times. It offers excellent game-play which then promises and makes the user come back for some more fun.The fun offered is ever-increasing as the player makes his way out of the zombie madness to reach the next level of the game, collecting value points all through the game as a ticket to reach the next level.

Zombie Smasher

The player, in this game has to defend his house from various zombies coming to destroy it. This game introduces the player to the multiple kinds of zombies and their ways of attacking. The zombies are ever pesky and look dangerous. But, the player turns to the game for its beautiful graphics and the game-play offered.

Zombie Infection

This game makes the player go through the life of a zombie as a zombie is infected by a virus and then, turns into an infection producing organism for the whole gang of zombies.The other zombies try and run away from the carrier of the infection.The goal of the player involves protection of the zombies from the infection carrier and thus, the infection that may cost the zombie his life.

Call of Duty:World at war:Zombies

This game involves massive attack by both the teams at war, the humans and the zombies. The playera��s motto is to save his side ensuring that none from his team are attacked whereas, it is the opposite for all the zombies, who form a team of their own.Both the teams are at a continuous war, for the protection of their own selves as well as the entire team.

Zombie Attack

This game of power of the zombies demonstrates the excellent game play of all the involved zombies and the team. The humans need to save their own selves and the entire team of humans to backfire all the zombie counterparts.The player has to continuously cross all the hurdles to reach a level by crossing the hindrances.The player earns value points along the way which open up the way to later levels.