Top 5 Zombie Games for Android May 2015


The Android operating system has emerged as a winner in this era of smartphones, where we see a smartphone in everybody’s hand. The popularity of the Android has been mainly because of its being used in many of the smartphone devices. The android operating system can be found in Samsung, HTC and many of the other smartphones being used commonly today.The easy usability and quick learning of its fundamental systems for the user make it very easy to get adapted to for all the users of this latest technology.Using these smartphones, the user gets very much addicted to using these phones only in the spare time they get.This makes them use the popular games to stay busy with their smartphones only. Zombie games, which have been recently introduced, are gaining a lot of focus these days for their interesting scene of play.The top 5 zombie games for Android are summarized below:

android 2

Dead Trigger 2

This game is a sequel to the original game with the same name in which the player along-with their team have to eliminate all the villains and the strange objects that come flying to them. The game keeps the basics of its originals only offering a great game-play with smashing sounds to astound anybody engrossed in it, so much so that the players usually get addicted to playing it at all times.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

This is an award-winning game which is wave-based. The game-player has to counter the flood of zombies and protect himself and his team from the attack of zombies and their continuous shootouts.As the player goes through each level, they continue earning their extra points at each level.The game offers an excellent game-play for all, young and old, as it is launched new altogether every-time the player accesses the game.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The game builds upon as a sequel to its prequel which was so famous already.The game offers excellent game-play better than the earlier versions.The motto of the game for the player has always been to separate out their own property from the zombies and kill all of the attacking zombies with their guns and other shooting materials provided. The graphics in the game have always been terrific with enormous zombies of different types being killed in several different ways.

Zombie Tsunami

This game offers a wide variety of zombies and all their plants and other things with a common goal of eating away all humans and eroding off the entire human population from the planet of earth.The game offers fun filled videos of zombies filling up the entire screen, with the motto of the player being to go past all of them, and also destroying them along the way. The player then reaches the next level and continues further.

Into the Dead

This zombie game offers a plethora full of zombies, all of them ready with their weapons to fight and kill the human race.The team of humans, along-with the main player, has to oppose the zombie attackers by using their own weapons and missiles to kill off the zombie population and protect the human planet from the attackers.