Top 5 Windows phone Role Playing Games for 2015


If you are looking to explore new worlds, save some damsels in distress, wield weapons of great power, or just plain get away from the daily grind and you happen to own a Windows Phone, you’re in luck. We have just compiled a short and sweet list of list of RPGs on the Windows market which just happen to be free. And since we offer nothing but the best and the brightest for our readers, we have chosen games which provide the finest music and graphics with gripping game-play and fascinating storyline.

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Role playing Games for windows phone

Imperium – ROTS:

Rule the Kingdom for Windows Phone is an epic RPG adventure for your windows smartphone. Outfit your character, train your loyal band of warriors and join the battle against trolls, skeletons and other baddies to save the empire from evil! Build homes for your workers, produce goods in your workshops, fortify your stronghold, and farm crops to feed your subjects in your quest to build a thriving kingdom.

Mafia City

It is a game to appeal to all fans of whodunits and thrillers. Set in a town where death stalks nightly, it is the job of the player to figure out who the killer is. This, he can do as a number of interesting characters like the detective, the coroner and even the grandmother. The game-play is smooth and the graphics are pretty cool too.

Legendary Titans

is based on elements of traditional board role-playing games but with a flexibility of playing on your Lumia 735 or Lumia 830. Equip your character, battle your enemies, demons and other children of evil! This free-ranging RPG allows you to arm yourself, gain experience and build up your skills for the final battle.


Takes the spot for best artwork on this list without a doubt. The design is creepy cute in a Burtonesque way. Think Ghost Bride, only much cuter. The gameplay lives up to its hype – filled with lots of upgrades, a good storyline and gesture control it really sucks a user into its fascinating world. It takes some getting used to because different zones on the screen need different types of gestures, but the challenge is what makes it so good.

Chrono Trigger

A time-traveling role-playing game which has been hugely successful on other platforms, Chrono Trigger looks to be repeating its success on the windows platform as well. The protagonist is an everyman, a young boy with a heart of gold who ends up traveling in time because he wants to help a princess. An engaging storyline and a variety of character interesting companions make this a very enjoyable experience. There are 10 endings to this game, so the re-playability factor is definitely there.

All the games are free, so try them all out. Please share with us if you agree with our choices or why you think we are utterly wrong. Either way, join the conversation and enjoy.