Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 4th Week of August 2015


The recent rapid development of games has led to the hardcore gamer to find it it hard to choose the best game. But never worry our list here has got the best game you will not wait to install in your phone in this last week of August. Having a windows phone with a powerful OS will absolutely drive you mad in playing this games. The windows phone has got a wonderful display making the games be more compatible to be played in them. It’s very hard to find the best game in the windows store but just check out at our list we have made your work more simple. Just have a quick glance for Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 4th Week of August 2015

Nokia Lumia 930

Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 4th Week of August 2015

1. Demolition
This is a game fitted with 3 D graphics to give you very beautiful and eye catching images as you play the game .This game basically involves destroying of the and demolishing of the toys and construction. You are supposed to invite friends and form a demolition squad to play with and against

2.Chicken Maze
With wonderful images and graphics this makes it among our top list. Your mission is to protect the chicken by creating a safe zone. The chicken which goes wondering in the maze is an endangered species in the maze because of the hungry wolves

3.Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2
If you have had a wonderful experience when playing the Draw a Stickman: EPIC 1.Here is another opportunity with Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2.This game is all about having an over rated imaginative skills to come up with stick man .Having windows 10 operating system and $ 2.99 is enough to acquire this game in the windows store. This is game played by million people making it appear in our list because of its addictive in nature. This game also allows you to use the social platform to share your drawing with friends .If you always have fun in drawings and you think you are imaginative here is the opportunity to exhibit that.

4.Deadly Dinosaur Trex
This game gives you an opportunity to have full adventure with the dinosaurs .Your mission is to hunt the dinosaurs and failure to that you therefore become the hunted .Have thrilling and epic experience with this game. Having a 3D graphic with sophisticated machinery enable you to attain that amazing feeling to your level best. This is a free game in the windows store therefore just go into the store and download it for free.

5. Rail Build Dash
If you are addicted to mine games here is another opportunity for you with Rail Build Dash. Having the necessary resources required you are therefore supposed to construct a rail in which the miners crafts will go through during the process of mining. This game is also equipped with 3 D graphics to improve your visual on the game and enable you to enjoy with an ecstatic feeling. The levels are completed in terms of the distance of the rail you have created. This will give you an opportunity to acquire new resources.