Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 3rd Week of August 2015


There has been high production of windows games recently but unfortunately not all of them are the best. It is quite a known fact that the top rated games would be in the windows Microsoft store. For hardcore gamers, this is the best phone with a better than ever display .Its OS is strong for launching of game applications. Well, it is quite cumbersome and tiresome job to find the best and newest games through widows Microsoft store. The windows store updates new games now and then but it’s most important you also have a look at our list. It’s no wonder that you will see most awesome scenarios while playing these. Whatever be you niche of gaming, our list will do justice and you can choose however you desire. Here are Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 3rd Week of August 2015

Microsoft Lumia 540

Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 3rd Week of August 2015

1. Mars Pop
This is also another addictive games with the talking Tom and the bubble shooter. You can play against your friends since with this games you can link it to the social platforms to allow you play against them. This is one of the most fanatical and engaging game you can ever play. Don’t get worried on how you can acquire this game just download it for free in the windows store.

2. Word Drop Deluxe
This is one of the easiest games to learn and play. It basically involves playing with the letters to form new words while other letters will disappearing in order to earn a score. You will earn or gain bonuses as you unlock the various levels can also acquire bonuses during the play.

3. Gardens Inc. – from Rakes to Riches
This is a free game that involves protecting your grandparent’s house from merciless tycoons. The game comes with excellent graphics that are eye catching to display the beautiful well decorated scenarios in the game. This is an upgrade of gardens Inc.2 the road to fame. This is a free game acquired from the windows store.

4. The Island Castaway®: Lost World™ HD
This is an adventurous game that basically involves survival after your ship wrecked in a lonely island. There are various objectives that you have to complete such as escaping from the island, eliminating crab, and revealing the hidden information of the islands. This game can be downloaded freely from the windows store platform.

5. Battle Empire: Roman Wars
Finding the most addictive adventurous game is one of the easiest task to accomplish but with the battle Empire: Romans war is the game to play. This game does not only gives you an adventurous spirit but also action spirit and feeling when you play it .Winning a battle against other players helps you improve you defense and also setting up new castles. If you want to experience a wonderful feeling of being a king and leading a large troop of the Roman army then this is the game .This is the most addictive games to play whenever you are bored in August.