Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 2nd week of August 2015


Windows phone promises to hold your interest. It is quite a known fact that the top rated games would be in the windows Microsoft store. For hardcore gaming, the best phone with a better than ever display is Windows phone. It has a really strong OS for the processing of game applications. Well, it is a hard headed job to find the best and newest games through Windows Microsoft store. Although it is windows store and regular updating is no surprise, but for your benefit, this article brings out the top 5 games. Whatever be you niche of gaming, our list will do justice and you can choose however you desire.These games are:

windows store logo

1. Can You Escape?
This is a game equipped with modern graphics that is all about solving puzzles and so as to unlock the various levels in the rooms. The levels are represented in the form of rooms and thus unlocking one level is opening another room. The rooms are represented in the form of room of a rock star, sportsman, rock star and hunter. The awards that you are going to pick involves the picking of hidden objects and breaking of the codes in order to escape

2. Toca Life: City
This is also another addictive game that will bow your minds off and you cana��t wait to play it. This is a casual flick sport game. With $2.99 you can go to the windows store and buy the game. Ita��s a game that basically involves exploring a��the various locations in the map and discovering the hidden treasures.

3. Gardens Inc. 2 a�� The Road to Fame
This is also another adventure game that involves saving your business from ruthless and merciless competitors from by conquering America. We have got a lot of quest in which you have to complete and to unlock various rewards. This game is found in the windows phone and ita��s acquired for free. You will find various characters in this game such as Jill and cliff who are the main competitors you are supposed to conquer.

4. Magic Secret Agent
Adventure games are the most addictive games ever thata��s why in the windows up among the top games this month you cannot miss this the Magic Secret agent. This game basically involves arresting criminals and villain .It has got various quest in which you have to complete and win various rewards.

5. City Island 2
This is a simulation game that involves building and decorating a city. This a game that will give you a real experience of a tycoon. You have to complete various quest to unlock the various rewards .It has got 3 D graphics thus enabling the game to be eye catching.This game is free in the windows store.