Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 2nd week October 2015


The windows phone is equipped with a powerful cpu and gpu processors which launch and run apps smoothly. The release of windows 10 in the market has really revolved the gaming industry in the market. Games now are being created which are even more compatible with windows 10 OS. Here in our list we have got games that are compatible with the windows 10 system and below. In our list we have got the bth the top paid and free games in general. Here is our top list of the best games for you this week.

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1. Order and Chaos.
If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the game you wont wish to miss out. This is an action adventure game that has got amazing graphics .This games main quest is to save the world and redeem yourself .This game has got a vast and to explore wit amazing heroes whoa be customized to d 5 races in 5 classes .This game has got amazing graphics with easy controls making it enjoyable to play .This is a free game downloaded in the windows store.

2. Pic Star.
Second in our list is puzzle game that is really addictive because of its amazing background graphics. This game basically involves solving for missing words by combining 5 classic pictures. This game has got over 100 free levels for you to pay making it most engaging and every addictive. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 500 reviews makes it appear second in our list.

3. Croc’s World 3.
If you have gamed the Croc’s series, here comes another favorable game along its series that is the Croc’s world 3.This is an adventure game that really involves a nice and jump It has got 60 challenging levels for you to go through. This game is equipped with eye catching graphics with 2 different themes. This is a new game with an average rating of 4.0 and over 95 reviews makes it absolutely the best game for you to play.

4. The Queen’s Quest.
This is also one of the most addicting game best played y the teens .This is an adventure games whose main theme or story line surround the fairy tales and real magic. The main quest of the queen is to save her family after being attacked by demonic sorceress. The only way to save her family is by breaking a spell cast on her husband. This is absolutely one of the best epic games for you to play. This game is downloaded for free in the windows store.

5. Dumb Ways to Die.
This is also another top free game for you featuring in our list. This is an adventure and most funny game for you. it has also amazing levels for you to accomplish .This game has got amazing graphics that are eye catching which makes it absolutely the best for you to play. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 500 reviews so far makes it be the best game for you.