Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 1st week October 2015


Games are being developed day and night by the game developers and it’s quite cumbersome to determine the best for you. If you are a game fanatic then this is the month that you won’t get bored because there are various games for you this time round. You must also be cautious since there are various malwares online when downloading this game. The windows phone is very powerful and has got amazing graphics enabling you to download and play the games at ease. Our list is well researched and provides detailed information on the games. Just check unto it and decide the best game for you to download depending on your preferences on genre.

Windows 10

1. Shadow fight 2
This an amazing action game with awesome graphics for you .If are a hardcore gamer then this is the game for you to play. This is a game from the creators of vector that basically involves classical fights .This game allows you to take kicks, slash, jump and punch in order to emerge the victor. This game is downloaded and installed for free in the windows store. It’s absolutely the best game for you with an average rating of 4.7 and over 2000 reviews so far this month.

2. Train Driving Simulator
This a furious simulator game that is designed for lovers of trains of the old days .It has got amazing 3D graphics. Be cautious this is a rated game therefore not suitable for kids. This is a latest game and therefore so far it has got an average rating of 3.7 and over 50 reviews, making it a suitable game for you this month. This game is downloaded free of charge in the windows store. If you are a fun of simulator games then this is the game for you.

3. Cargo plane City Airport
This is another simulator game for you with amazing challenges in terms of roles and multitude of tasks for you to accomplish .You have to drive forklifts, big planes and even trucks. It has got amazing graphics of 3D.You really have a thrilling experience of flying aero planes and driving big trucks This is a free game downloaded in the windows store .It has got and average rating of 2.8 and over 250 reviews making it absolutely the best game for you to play.

4. Halo Spartan Assault
This is the best and most paid game so far this 1st week of October. This is an action game that has got amazing feature and awesome challenges for you this month .This combat game will absolutely drive you crazy. You have to complete missions and weekly challenges for you to unlock new and amazing levels and even customizations. This game is preferred for teens .This game is acquired for only $4.99 in the windows store.

5. Dragon’s Lair
This is another amazing top paid game for you this 1st week of October. If you are a great fun of arcade game then this is the best game for you this month .You have to rescue the pair princes by playing the heroic dirk daring and valiant knight.This game is actually suitable for everyone