Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 4th week October 2015


The windows phone is equipped with very powerful operating system that can be able to launch and run any app developed recently. A device is actually useless without apps. Apps makes devices become more useful and even more interesting .Many apps are being developed and not all latest apps developed are more amazing and best. That is why we come in handy to give you a wide information on our well researched list om the best app for your windows phone this 4th week of October.

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1. CamCad.
This a top and new app for your windows phone that recognizes more than 16 international languages in the universe. Having a brand new user interface this app allows you to create a new personal profile for your business card. It also supports full-screen view of the card image and more methods of adding contacts. This app also allows you to read and save various business cards in your windows phone. If you are a business man or a sales person then this is the best app top own in your window phone .This app is downloaded for free in the windows store.
2. B612.
Are you a selfie lover? then this is the app to own in your windows phone. This is a perfect for you to take selfies because of its random filters, vignette and support to rear camera. This apps also allows you to collage all your smiling photos to one. Having ratings of over 4.5 and over 1000 reviews ita��s absolutely the best app for you to download in your windows phone.
3. Super Photo
This is one of the best apps required to edit your photo. This app has got over 1500 beautiful effects to customize your current photo to your desired taste. This app also allows you to take high HD quality photos with no ads. This is one of top paid apps in the windows store. Therefore for only $ 4.99 you can purchase this app in the windows store.
4. Windows Insider.
This is also one of the important apps that allows you get accessed to information and notifications on the pre-release of OS updates on the phone. This will enable you update your phone on the latest OS thus keeping you on the edge of technology. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 3000 reviews makes it be in the list of the best 5 apps for your windows phone .This app is downloaded for free in the windows store.
5. Vines.
Here comes one of the funniest apps for your windows phone in our list. This app is meant to make funny video clips and share them with all of your friends. It also provides a platform to interact with people you know and also those whom you dona��t know by following them. You can also tag popular posts and follow channels you like. This is an amazing app that is downloaded for free in the windows store.