Top 5 windows phone Apps for 3rd week of August 2015


We are about to say good bye to August as we draw an end to the third week and usher in the last. As usual the list was contested fiercely. Some of the apps that made Today’s list can only be categorized as unusual while some come as no surprise as you will shortly see. So let’s get straight to Top 5 windows phone Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

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Top 5 windows phone Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

This productivity app helps you discover historic and cultural places in the UK. It is based on the National Trust charity foundation. It has a database of more than 500 protected sites in the United Kingdom. This official app will guide you through breath taking sites, monuments and historical buildings kind of like a virtual tour guide. It also gives you the latest news about upcoming events like music concerts so that you never miss out on anything.Pretty handy if you ask me.

This app supplements (or completely replaces) the role of storytelling to children. It has four fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen that are narrated by professional actors Sir Roger Moore, Stephen Fry, Dame Joan and Ewan Groger. As a bonus, you get the first tale, the princess and the pea completely free. As a show of good deed, the people of Giving Tales forward 30% of their proceeds to UNICEF. So this app really does help children. They will all be looking forward to story time.

This is a gift to all sport lovers. This is the official app of eurosport, which is one of the most popular sport news channel in the world. It ensures you know the latest happenings in the world of sport. Whichever sport you love the most, be it tennis, football, F1, cycling, rugby, swimming, table tennis, cricket… in short, if it is a sport you will find it here. And, it is a free app!

This app is a google analytic client. It’s an easy to use app that enables you to track traffic to your website. It has a live tile feature and gets information as soon as it happens in real time. This app is actually really well developed and really handy for tracking a variety of analytics at the same time. It is also very good to look at.

This has for a long time been the favorite of many when it comes to chatting with friends, family or colleagues. Its ease of use and the fact that you do not have to login every time you need to use was a major selling point for this app. And now it’s made even better with the addition of voice calling option in their latest update. This allows you to make voice calls without having to go through your service provider as long as you have an internet connection that is stable making it very cost effective. I can foresee other apps son following suite.