Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 3rd week November 2015


There has been a high improvement in the technological techniques and design of the apps being developed by the app developers, this is due to a high technological advancement in the universe. This tremendous improvement has really made the app developers come up with unique designs of apps which are very essential for your Windows phone .Apps are therefore being developed and uploaded in the Windows store day and night .Not all the aps being developed are very essential and the best, that is why we decided to come up with the list of the top 5 apps that are really hitting the Windows store with a thud. Here are the best apps for your Windows phone in this 3rd week of November.

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Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 3rd week November 2015

Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 3rd week November 2015

1. TextNow.
This is an amazing app that was design using the latest technique and it is really equipped with modern features. This app is a communication that allows you to make calls and send texts to your contacts using a given number for free. It’s very easy to use and manipulate it. It has got only one defect which is it can only be used in the USA and around Canada region. This is one of the top free apps that you can download in the Windows store.

2. Crackle.
If you really love watching as a hobby then this is the app to have. This app allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows that are really hitting in the box office with no penny. You only require a strong internet connection for you to watch the latest movies. It has got interactive and amazing graphics that actually display even HD movies. This app is downloaded for free in the Windows store of your phone.

3. My Radar Weather App.
This is an amazing weather app that allows you to forecast the weather situation of your location. This app is very essential especially when you are travelling so that you plan on what to wear and even which route to take. It is one of the easiest apps to use. All you have to do is to download it, install it and place your location so as to determine the weather condition of your region.

4. PicHit Photo Finder.
This is also one of the latest apps that will help you find the perfect photos and images for your blog post or even reports by searching online. It also provides for you a plat for to chat with the greatest photographers enabling so that they can send to you the exact photograph that you require.

5. USA Today Sports.
If you really want to be up to date on the current sports news from USA then this is the app for you to have. This app allows you get access to the latest sports news in USA with easy navigation. This app is very easy and simple to use. It is downloaded for free in the Windows store.

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