Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of August 2015


Windows Phones Apps are an evolving environment, with expected release of Windows 10 phones, Windows phone Apps are getting all the attention they need. Many Apps are fast been introduced into Windows Apps Environments. With a goal of billion Windows devices, windows apps are going to play an essential role in making sure that goal is reached. We bring you Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of August 2015.

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Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of August 2015

This app lets you access your pc when you are away using your windows 8 phone or tablet.Document editing, reaming videos and audio or just reading through documents is possible through this wonderful app from the people of Microsoft. This enables you to work from anywhere.

This is currently ‘the most popular cloud storage app for windows devices. You can store anything ranging from videos, music or just documents that can later be accessed with all your devices including your windows 8 phone or tablet. Sharing with friends is also made easy with this app. But the best thing is that you can access al your files on the go.

With this app you can say goodbye to that pesky thing called language barrier. This app can actually translate 85 languages. Next time you are struggling with that word or phrase, the solution is just an app away.

This currently is the most popular pdf viewing application around. Since pdf file formats have numerous business applications. Then this is exactly the app for you.You can also us it to covert from pdf to doc or rtf format and also view pdfs that are password protected for that extra security.

This app manages devices across a company. It can be used together with the Airwatch console to manage and monitor devices that are networked in a company. Since companies rely on corroboration of information across their devices, this device comes in handy in the business world.