Top 5 windows apps for 2nd week of August 2015


With the release of Windows 10, there is loads of excitement for windows apps store to grow rapidly. Since then Lots of changes have happened in the past one week as developers struggled to make their apps feature in our list. Without much ado, let’s see what Top 5 windows apps for 2nd week of August 2015 are

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This is a tool and productivity app that makes it easy to store and organize files in your windows 8 device. This file manager takes care of the problem of having too many files which can be quite tasking to keep- organized.It allows you to organize and retrieve files when you are connected to your pc. It also enables compressing of files into the zip format. Your files are also easily uploaded into cloud storage services like OneDrive and drop box.

No other unified communication tool is as popular for business users as iTEL Mobile Dialer. This app allows user to instant message easily across all os platforms, sums and voice calls. It works with Wi-Fi, 4g or 3g networks and ensures you do not have to worry that your colleagues might be on a different os platform. This app works really well not only in a social setting but also in a professional setting as well

You don’t really need an introduction to this app. It is a tool and productivity app that makes organizing your brainstorms, making your lists and sharing your thoughts and ideas really easy. This is hands down the best note taking app in he market. It enables you to share written and scribbled notes not only with friends and colleagues but also across all your devices.
It also supports images form the web or internal memory for that bit extra of description to your notes. You can also upload your notes to cloud storage or email services without hustle with this app.

This is a business category app. It enables the printing of any document of image from your device. When you are in range of a Wi-Fi printer, your device will pick it up and use this app to print your image files or documents eliminating the need of having to first transfer your file to a pc then using the pc to print it for you. This app is really convenient.

There are many dedicated Facebook apps in the windows store but this one works quite well. You get everything you get on the Facebook site likes search friends, photos, edit profile, messages etc. the beauty of this app is that you do not have to use your browser every time you want to access Facebook which usually takes up a lot of your device resources making it sluggish and hang alot. The design of the app also makes it easy on the eyes. This app was initially full of bugs but the current upgrades has fixed most of it and I can find nothing wrong with it. This is the dedicated Facebook app you have been waiting for.