Top 5 voice recording apps for Android phones in July 2015


Have you ever come across the situation when you have to write lot of notes and you are so actively involve in communication that it is hard for you to grasp each and every piece of conversation and later you missed out something or other, it happened to me many a times when I did not have phone with audio recording features. Voice recording Apps is in many way helping lot of people everywhere, like in meetings, classrooms, concerts, interviews and many more. To improve on traditional recording methods to obtain high quality recordings we have now even better smartphone apps in app stores which makes your smartphone better than any other handheld recording device. Let’s check out the top 5 voice recording apps which will come handy as per your recording requirements.

voice recorder

Rated 4.0 Sound & Voice Recorder ASR by NLLa�?
If you like to share your recordings with multiple people and want to have wider variety of file saving option in different formats, you should go for this one, you have options to save files in .wav, .OGG, .FLAC, .MP4 and .3GP. Quality control option are very easy to use, added with automatic echo cancellation, auto start recording. It has recording widget and that supports background recording. It has very sensitive vu meter and file management with this app is very user friendly.

Rated 4.2 Audio Recorder – by Sony Mobil Communication
This is official Sony app, exceptionally easy graphic user interface, if you are recording a concert or close up interview this is the best app, and if your phone support 5 pole audio connector then this app is definitely meant for you as this app is capable of capturing 3D surround sound effect for which it needs phone which supports 5 pole audio connector, one such mobile with 5 pole connector is Sony Xperia.

Rated 4.2 Easy Voice Recorder – By Digipom
Easy voice recorder is just like its name easy to use. Very user friendly and useful for meetings, personal notes, classes with no time limit. It support only three formats that is PCM, AAC and ASR. This app also support background recording which can be handled by on screen widgets. It has a PRO version also which is not free, but that is bundled with added feature like stereo recording, Bluetooth microphone recording and best feature that is automatic skip silence.

Rated 4.4 Voice Recorder – by lovekara
This one is the app which allows you to save file in MP3 format which really helps save lot of space in your phone. So with this format you can save recordings of hundreds of hours duration. It has maximum quality options as per users requirements. File management is real easy and it also supports background recording.

Rated 4.4 Smart Voice Recorder – Smartmob
This is the awesome software with all smart features enabled in it. It is high quality recorder with “Skip Silence” feature that saves lot of space within the recordings. You can use it for continuous recording without need to worry about the dead air eating space, it is best for concert, classroom, personal notes, interviews recordings. It has user friendly interface with background recording enable, option to save file in location of your choice and to share online via email, whatsapp, Google drive etc.. With so many features amazing part is that the app size is just 744KB.