Top 5 racing games for Nokia Lumia 520 download


Change of topic; let’s now discuss the top 5 racing games that are popular on Nokia’s Windows Phone 1 GHz dual core, 5 MP popular camera phone. Please note that these are listed here not as per the number of downloads from the Windows Phone Store but based on feedback and personal opinion. Feel free to deck up your Nokia Lumia 520 device with these games and more from the Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone 8

Racing games download for Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit This INR 260, 113 MB download racing game app with a free trial available by publisher Electronic Arts  is a game wherein you can race upto 20 precision performance cars such as the Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. across 24 day and night tracks on different race tracks around the world. This game is from the venerable Electronic Arts publisher renowned for making quality immersive games experience. You can even play a cop and catch the runaways.

Need for speed hot pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit download

Asphalt 8 Airborne : This INR 55, 819 MB download with a free trial available racing game app by publisher Gameloft is a game wherein you can race upto 47 high performance cars and on race tracks at exotic locations around the world such as Venice and Guiana and do stunts with them while in the air using ramps. Simultaneous multiplayer action supported for up to 8 real opponents.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne download

Turbo Racing League: This 35MB free racing game app from publisher PikPok, is all about the turbocharged Pixar snail character Turbo who has to race, slide, drift and jump on 9 unique race tracks and in special race events such as Time Trials, Slalom and Rival Races. Race on Turbo!

Turbo Racing League Windows Phone

Turbo Racing League download

Space Rider: This free 7MB racing game app by publisher Pri Machine, is a arcade style racing game in which a spaceship is raced along a track out of five given tracks and there are upto 4 enemy ships that need combating while racing on. Fun, and exciting, with social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Space Rider Windows Phone

Space Rider download

Stay on the Road: This free 8MB simple car racing game by publisher AdrianoSastre reminds one of the 80s era racing game simulators in which the objective is to maneuver a car on a racing track through myriad challenges at the same time while managing to stay on the road, hence the name, exciting and challenging to say the least, and a bit nostalgic too.

StayOnTheRoad windows phone

Stay on the Road download