Top 5 Racing Games for iOS 2015


Since most of us will never actually be able to drive one of the race-cars we drool over and we do have an iPhone, we have decided to put together an short list of games which may get a player somewhat close to the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat – for free. Apple has put some great racers in the free to play category but most of them are limited access or push in-app purchases aggressively. We picked and chose the best in the genre where the overall experience stood out to us.

top 5 free racnig games for iOS 2015

Real Racing 3

Just in terms of graphics Real Racing 3 is one of the best games period. It is also one of the best racing games in terms of features and game-play. Seriously, the graphics – so realistic in depicting things like car damage, rear view mirrors which actually work, the level of attention to detail the people at EA have shown is commendable. It does eat up processor resources but the gameplay is smooth if that’s kept in mind. The races are absorbing with faithful reproductions of over 90 beautiful cars and 22 renowned race tracks. The physics is impeccable and overall experience is addicting and satisfying. The feature of Time-Shifted Multi-player is a new innovation where players can race with AI versions of their friends. We would definitely describe this as an experienced to be savoured, well as much as it’s possible while hurtling down tracks at terrifying speeds.

GT Racing 2

Gameloft’s contribution to the track-racing genre, GT Racing 2, is rick in visual details and the sheer number of choices that players will have for equipment. There are 71 cars and 13 cars which are true-to-life. The game also offers an outstanding four view modes including a detailed view of the interior of the car. Play modes like knock-outs, overtakes and duel lets a player enjoy a variety of racing situation. The game-play is quite smooth and responsive and recent updates have actually improved the consumption of resources.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing from NaturalMotion does not fall short of realistic graphics and physical depiction compared to the games mentioned above. The only reason its lower on the list is because it only supported on iOS 6 and above. Along with usual array of beautifully rendered cars and complex city streets it provides a full character cast of international rival crews with whom to compete and win cars from. The controls are intuitive and the game-play goes without a hitch. It’s a game worth playing if you a fan of racing games.

World Superbike Championship

For the speed-freaks who like their thrills on two wheels, the SBK 2014 is a great freemium game which is the new official game of the World Superbike Championship. Players can take up the persona of their favourite riders Fabian Foret or Imre Toth and race in 9 tracks. Play modes include championships and challenges with control which can alternate between tilt mode and virtual joysticks. The graphics are sharp and the game-play is smooth and suited to both long plays and short

Crazy Taxy City Rush

Another great racing game in the iOS free-to-play genre is the Crazy Taxy City Rush this game is a sequel of SEGA’s legendary action franchise. This games comes with an smooth controls and great visuals which makes your playing experience good. Here you can customise your cab, this games help you to play crazy. You can share this game with your facebook friends too.

So check out these racers because they will definitely get your blood pumping.