Top 5 Racing Games For Android 2015


Are you a fan of “2 Fast 2 Furious” movies? Or maybe you always wanted the “Need For Speed” games? If your answer is yes, I am guessing you have an irresistible urge for speed and adrenaline. But there is a downside, you already know that it is a very expensive hobby and you can’t afford to drive one of those wild luxurious cars that can go from 0 to 200 mph in a blink of an eye. What can I say, life is cruel. However, don’t despair because today I have great news – you can always play such game on your android device completely free. I am presenting you today the top 5 free racing games for Android that are just click away from your reach on Google Play. Every person who love car games is always welcome to play one of those stunning racing games with an awesome driving experience. So what are the top five Android tablet racing games? Here is my choice:

top 5 free racnig games for android 2015


That giant in the world of HD games has had a recent release as a free-to-play street-racer on the Android platform with mixed reactions. While the game-play, storyline and outstanding graphics are all that they were touted to be, the aggressive in-app purchases are marring the experience. Having to pay for virtual gas with real money is not endearing EA to anyone. That said, the game itself is definitely worth checking out for any fans of street-racing games

Real Racing 3

Welcome to the real car racing. This amazing game is the greatest host of real, world brand-name cars which you can take on a spin across stunningly rendered real-world racing tracks. Real Racing 3 is on the list of the top Android racing games because it features an exciting asynchronous multi-player mode where you have a lot of cool challenges to complete while your lap times can be recorded from your friends – so I can say that your fun is guaranteed.

Racing Rivals

Racing Rival from CIe Games is a pretty solid drag-racer where game-play focuses on speed, rather than control. The background city-streets are fairly detailed with enough grit to make it stand apart from others of the same ilk. The controls are absurdly simple and this is part of what makes this game so satisfying – the worship of unbridle speed to the exclusion of all else. Upgrades for engines can be unlocked through in-game achievement sin solo mode as well as multi player mode. Even though there has been talk of some connectivity issues, its simple game-play and sharp design makes it a winner in the genre.

GT Racing 2

Now you too can dominate the realistic driving simulator field. This extraordinary Android pro-racing game is offering 71+ licensed cars to drive on a 13 tracks. You are able to climb the ladder by series of races in single-player mode, where you can try the best game models such as Overtakes, Duels… and earn many awards. If you are feeling courageous, there is an on-line multi-player for you, where you can participate in thousand various multi-player events and races.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This incredible racing game is on the top list of many Android users. The reason is because it provides over-the-top driving experience. In Asphalt Airborne you can advance in your driving career mode by working hard (or by paying) and unlocking the new levels. Also there is a multiplexer mode then you can challenge your competition live in an unforgettable rides.

Regardless if you are passionate gamer or just looking for some short fun, you can now play one of those top 5 free racing games for android, without having to pay a dime, while you will satisfy your impulse for adrenaline and speed in the virtual world.