Top 5 new Windows Phone Games of the Second week – April 2014


Windows phones have really proved to be the tough competitors to their rival Smartphone manufacturer Samsung .Despite of being out of their form for a long time they have again started to drift in markets. Windows is enhancing their software support for every new version of Lumia evolving. Dazzling victory of windows 8 mobile platforms has made Microsoft developers it release its updated windows 8.1 mobile platform which is also available now in markets.A�In spite of these windows is taking great concern of gaming factor which is most important factor these days. Better gaming factor simply lets know the user that this Smartphone has got better processor better RAM and better graphics.A�Since 2014 has already showed some great start for games, here we are showing you the top 5 new games of second week of April 2014.

Top 5 new Windows Phone Games of the Second week April 2014

Fasten your seat belts and leta��s drive through the era of windows gaming

1) Zombie Attack 3D: Save yourself from zombies. You are completely surrounded by zombies wandering to take your life. Shoot them and kill them with different types of weapons .There are different types of zombies you can kill them and get different weapons. This is a 3D game with many exciting levels and the best zombie game available.

Zombie Attack 3D

Zombie Attack 3D game for Windows Phone download

2) Transporter: This is the most excellent 3D racing game for your windows phone. Drive with tremendously high speeds, cross the barriers put before you .Earn gold coins and unlock 4 different models of cars. Feel the passion of better racing skills. Controls are very simple. Steering is your phones tilt sensor and accelerator is your Smartphonea��s touch screen.


TransporterA�game for Windows Phone download

3) 2048 puzzle: This is a very addictive puzzle game. It has been very popular and buzzing around the internet these days. All you have to do is join the numbers in you way and get the 2048.The controls are very simple, you have to swipe the numbers, when two same numbers tough they vanish into a single number.

2048 puzzle

2048 puzzleA�game for Windows Phone download

4) ICC World Cup T20 2014: This is an official T 20 world cup game for the cricket lovers. It has got excellent 3D graphics. You can choose your favourite teama��s logo, play T20 world cup and get the trophy. It has got 3 levels which go harder and harder. You can set how many overa��s of match you want to play and also play a quick match.

ICC World Cup T20 2014

ICC World Cup T20 2014A�game for Windows Phone download

5) Doraemon Fishing: This is a cute fishing game. You have to play the character of Doraemon and get the fishes out of fishing pond each different type of fish has different points. The shark is the main threat in the game. Also be aware of shoes. Controls are very simple you just have to hold the finger and release hand on a fish and catch it.A�

Doraemon Fishing

Doraemon FishingA�game for Windows Phone download