Top 5 new Windows Phone Games for July First Week 2014


After the release of WP 8.1 windows developers have been working immensely on creating some brand new surprising games for its users. And so far they have been successful in catching the eye of world Smartphone users gaining faith on windows. In this First week of July 2014 we have summed up some freshly released game. You will surely enjoy all of these because these are chosen ones.

Windows Phone 8

1. Firefly Runner: Finally after the long period of anticipation this game has arrived for windows platform. This is an unending runner game and you have to play the role of red firefly namely switch. Switch’s friends have been abducted by the contagious bugs and you need to help them out. In this journey you have to cross lakes, forests, caves and many other ecosystems.

2. Zombie Smasher: It’s a highly addictive game and currently the best zombie game available on internet. These zombies are about to conquer your town and you need to protect your home. You just need to smash the zombies by tapping your finger over them before they enter your door. You will have to go through the 60 different levels and 7 species of haunting zombies. You just need to play wisely and use power ups when needed.

3. Smash Cat heroes: This is a cat bush beating game where all you need to do is just beat enemies as much as can. Controls are extra simplified which means that you have to click on attack button till the enemy dies and then take over the other enemy. It’s not as easy as you might be thinking you also need to protect yourself from them. The back ground music is also nice. I will say it’s worth giving a try. here is limited offer free link

4. Breeze: This game has recently been developed by your own Microsoft studio. Here you will have to take your flower to a particular goal through many obstacles and you will also need to provide some sunshine to the flower. This is a touch and tilt game with 60 levels and two different modes. Easy mode spares your life 5 times but tough mode doesn’t even spare for one collision.

5. Throne Together: It is basically the perfectly crafted Tetris like building game for windows phones. Here your boss wants you to construct everything with perfection. The gravity plays games with you in this game. You can’t leave a block in air as it will fall and you would have to start construction on already fallen block. Pressure is also the main threat in the game. If you will place too many blocks on a single block, the lower most block will burst because of pressure. So everything needs to be done wisely to win the game.