Top 5 new Windows Phone Apps of the First week – July 2014


A diversity of windows phone applications have been developed in this week of July 2014 and we have selected the top most useful applications developed recently and placed them before for you to take their advantage. Lots of more amazing fun is still on the way from Windows getting better each passing day.You are surely going to love all of these. Have Fun!

Windows Phone 8

1. Life 360: This is the most innovative family locator application to keep your family and friend safe and secure. Using GPS technology it helps you create groups and family and friends. You can either chat one on one with your family or in groups. With the help of GPS you can also locate whether your family is safe or they need your help. You will get alerts when your group members reach their destination and can also track a lost phone.

2. Time of My Life: If your precious time is slipping away from your hands rapidly then this application is perfect for you. It will let you know where your time is going. By the help of gathered location data, it tracks where you go and the places where you spend your most of the time at. You can also add the places you regularly visit at like home and office and it will track the time for you.

3. Phototastic: It’s a collage photo editor application for your windows phone with rich user interface. It has got speciality in making collages. You can add Polaroid borders and and film strip booth borders to your collages. It is enabled with photo sharing feature on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Photo bucket. It isn’t a full featured application for photos but can be used to give little pop to your images.

4. Engadget: This is a best application to stay up to date with news and reviews from all across the globe. The large number of hard working knowledge gatherers keeps updating information about latest gadgets and researches in the field of science and technology. NDTV tech reviews are also available here for streaming. Besides this hands on reviews of all the latest Smartphone’s and gadgets is updated daily.

5. Weather Hound: It’s a freshly released absolute weather application for WP 8 Smartphone’s providing complete updates about temperature, precipitation, wind speed, etc. It contains its own customized Live tile and lock screen. It also gives the complete weather updates for fore coming seven days and a timely update over the weather change.