Top 5 new Windows Phone apps for Second Week May 2014


Microsoft Windows phone application development is again touching the peak after sluggish end of 2013. The year 2014 has proved lucky for Nokia and Microsoft because this year has again set them on track. Microsoft is providing every possible benefit to its innovative application developers and the fruit of their efforts has started to ripen since the start of year 2014.

Several innovative and productive applications have been developed recently and here we are going to show you the new windows phone applications of the 2nd week of May 2014.Take a glance below.

Top 5 new windows phone apps of the Second Week May 2014
1) Metrotube: You all might know that YouTube app for Windows Phone is the worst one ever. It only opens the YouTube website and nothing special. This problem was recently solved by developers by introducing new metrotube app. This app lets you watch videos, subscribe to channels, and login like you do in YouTube. It has also got few additional enhancements like video pre-catching for later viewing and it runs the music even if screen turns off. This implies to the fact that YouTube is not only built for watching videos but you can listen good music from it also.

2) Vine: After a long period of waiting this twitter based video sharing app has finally been released for windows though it still lacks some features. You can record 6 second long vines but cana��t edit them before posting and even cannot save them for latter posting; this is the main problem. Overall basic video sharing function works quite well. It also lets you know what your other friends are posting. So, you are all set to share you moments with vine friends.

3) 6Tag: Ita��s actually the most updated version of Instagram app for windows phones. You share your photos and videos on Instagram and apply beautiful filters. You can tag your friends and view map posts. It has got many amazing filters like Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, sutro, Nashville and much more. It also allows you to cut scenes of videos you record, quick sharing on other social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, VK, foursquare, etc. Just like Facebook you can comment and like the photos of your friends.

4) TuneIn Radio: This is the most wide-ranging radio app for windows phones. You can listen to the news, current affairs, sports, and music and everything you like. It allows you to listen from more than 100,000 stations. It has also got 2 million streams to choose from. Ita��s hence the latest app for radio lovers and a must have app for them.

5) Zomato: Ita��s the most interesting restaurant finder application out there in market. It has got an option to discover your location through GPS and give you the details of restaurants which are surrounding you. The search option lets you choose the restaurant of your own choice, taste and place. Ita��s the best application to take along with you when going for hangouts.