Top 5 new Windows Phone Apps of the 2nd week – August 2014


In this second week of August, we have come across with some great news for windows phone users. Many legendary and popular applications of different mobile platforms have been successfully developed for windows Smartphone users. Many more updates are expected these days as windows is highly updating their store with new applications and extending their reach tremendously. If the pace of modification from Windows mobile developer team remained as such, Windows store is surely to get unexpectedly vast within no time. Besides applications Smartphone software widgets like battery saver, camera application, metro tube and many others are getting updated from Microsoft so always keep track of recent updates.

Windows Phone 8

Uber: Uber is finally backed in windows store. This is a highly useful and productive application which was once available in windows store but was too poor to perform anything rightly. Now it has been highly modified for windows mode and this is really a giant step from Microsoft. With Uber in hand, you can demand for a cab via uber and a cab will be present for you within moments of time. The rates for different drives are optimised and credit card paying option is available. It has moved the life of daily travel to the next level. You will enjoy this service.

Yo: This stupid application has gone viral all over the internet for almost no reason. It has grown highly popular in iOs and android and has now been released for windows too. The main function of this application is to say a loud Yo! Thata��s it. You can only send Yo! with this application to your friends and ita��s devoid of any text or voice calling. Ita��s popularity is an unknown magical instinct.

UPS Mobile: This application is a package tracking application in which you can also pin your packages in the form of live tiles and track them easily. This application is very different from their website with highly developed user interface. You can easily track UPS stores present in your vicinity and also calculate shipping and packaging charges.

ooVoo: This fantastic free video chatting and messaging application has been released for windows recently, it has got more than100million users all over the globe. The most interesting feature of this application is that it supports group video chat among 12 people simultaneously. Voice calling option is also available along with noise cancellation to allow fluent and clear talks. The user interface of this application is simple, easy to use and without any hectic problems of lagging.

Files: Finally Microsoft has launched an official file manager for windows phone 8.1 namely Files. This is just a basic file manager for windows but is said to be very fast and robust application. You can manage both SD card as well as phone storage, install application and search files. Just like other file managers it provides options for marking multiple items and moving to other folder and much more.