Top 5 new iPhone Games of the Second week – April 2014


Apple Inc has always developed perfect Smartphonea��s so they obviously have to develop everything perfect for them. Their applications should be perfect, their games should be perfect and they are intensely involved in doing this .This is also the secret of their success. Its performance has been the best since the launch of first iphone and is still the global leader of Smartphonea��s. Apple have always developed the best quality games and are still developing their finest games without taking a look at their so called competitor who are still far behind them. The year 2014 has seen many special and surprising game launches for iPhone with better graphic quality. High pixel density of iphonea��s makes these games more eye-catching and amusing. We are sharing with you the top 5 iPhone games of 2nd week of April 2014 .Hope you get pleasure from these:

Top 5 new iPhone Games of the Second week April 2014

1) Dragon Friends: Ita��s an extremely adventurous game you would love to play. You just have to visit the mysterious island where different species of dragons live. You have to take care of dragons, breed them and get better trait dragons. There are many special dragons waiting for you to visit them. You can also transform your tree dragon into a guardian dragon with the help of a magic stick.

Dragon Friends

Dragon FriendsA�game for iPhone download

2) Trials Frontier: Ita��s an ultimate best ever bike racing game you would ever play. The graphic quality of tracks is beyond imagination. You have to defeat the best bikers and travel to new places on your motorcycle. This game is full of adventures and you are really going to get addicted with this game. It has got many more features like you can be the best scorer among your friend or gamers globally.

Trials Frontier

Trials FrontierA�game for iPhone download

3) Clash of Clans: Are you ready to fight against warriors? Ita��s a strategic game with mixed addiction. You have to fight with your enemies, join with other fighters and make a team, make your village and prepare your fighters for the war. Ita��s very famous game at present flooding on internet. You have to make your own assemblage, defeat other clans and reach above levels. In the end you have to be the best out of all the groups to finish this game.

Clash of Clans

Clash of ClansA�game for iPhone download

4) Tower Madness 2: Eversince the first tower madness game isna��t yet fading from our minds. It was such a great game and almost everyone loved to play it. Now ita��s the time to renew it, tower madness 2 has been released which has got 3D graphics and nice controls to give a feel of console. Your main objective is to protect a flock of sheep from invading aliens with help of many weapons which are towers .The UFO brings down the new aliens and as soon as the levels increase, the aliens coming out from UFO increases faster.

Tower Madness 2

Tower Madness 2A�game for iPhone download

5) Republique: Ita��s full on action game and it is developed by a fresher game developer Logan. It is his first game and it has got excessively famous in very less period of time. Ita��s actually developed for the realistic gaming experience which is lacking in cartoon games. Hope is the main character in the game and players have to make her survive stay in contact with her through phones, keep an eye on her through surveillance camera, distract the soldiers by opening and closing doors. This is done by a�?Omnia�? view application and players have to update it time to time.


RepubliqueA�game for iPhone download