Top 5 new iPhone Games for First week July 2014


Games have become an ideal way to get away from boredom. Be it on a console or a phone.Apple believes that quality games are as a part of the users need as quality apps.The buzzing iphone games developers have came out with some new gaming stuff which you would love to play. They have freshly released a huge count of games in this week of July 2014 and we have collected the 5 best games to make it easy for you to judge the best game. All the games provided below have turned highly rated within no time so you will need to give them a try if you are a true gamer.

iphone 5S

1. Cargasm: It’s a classic racing game with HD graphic quality. Blow your vehicle on the streets of London, Paris, San Francisco and Egypt. With each winning race and increasing racing potential you win a brand new car and a collection of cargasm girls. You will also be able to share your milestones on Face book and twitter.

2. Fight back: This evil fighting game is developed by Ninja Theory which is little popularly known game developer for ios but this time gone popular. It’s a true fighting game where you will have to beat the enemies with your hulky and bulky body and muscles. You have to play as Jack who has got a military back ground. Your sister has been kidnapped by a game whose leader is Drago. He has got an axe to tear you off. Your old friend and commander namely Captain Dan is going out to help you get back your sister. You will have to fight across many floors of a building to find your sister.

3. Night Whisper Lane: This extremely scary game is developed by EPX games especially for ios. Its graphic quality is mesmerising and the sounds are real scary. Some fans are calling it as “Point and Click” game. It comes with turn based battle system to help you get out of this haunting place. Many different kinds of traps are laid down in these 3D rooms so use your power and wits to come out of this labyrinth.

4. Glorious Maximus: This combat game is built upon a great story of ancient Rome. You will have to battle against great warriors to get honoured with the title “Glorious Maximus”. Brawl against the enemies with your fighting warriors from the surroundings of Rome. Recruit the highly talented champions and get them new weapons from the gold you earned. Play all 30 levels, kill the enemies and get richer and ultimately more powerful.

5. Shadow Fight 2: Fight! Fight! Fight! This is a highly addictive game with countless dangerous weapons to be unloaded on demons, armours and martial art tactics to defeat your enemies. Kill the demons of six different worlds with the power packed weapons available to you. Show no mercy on these demons and keep killing.