Top 5 new iPhone apps for Second Week May 2014


The global Smartphone leader Apple Inc has always been developing Application which surprises the whole globe. They are still going with the same work and some grand applications are all set for you to use. Their highly advanced development of applications is the only reason why applications are first released for iPhone and reach other platforms after a year. Here we are showing you the top 5 new applications released for iPhone on the 2nd week of May 2014. You would really love to use them.

Top 5 new iPhone apps of the Second Week May 2014

1) Runkeeper: This app is the best daily fitness app for you. By using your Smartphonea��s GPS it tracks your running speed, cycling speed, the distance you covered and calorie burn. Its values are highly accurate as proven from various activities. You can perform jogging activities through the pre planned routes and see your route in the map; it has also got an amazing feature of audio coaching which lets know your calories burn and other values while you are performing workout.

2) Wikipanion: Browsing Wikipedia through a web browser is now an old school activity. You can do much more than just turning on pages of Wikipedia. It has got an interactive user interface which will make you love to read. You can keep detailed history of the articles you visit, bookmark the sections where ever you want to, dual language feature is just awesome. You can use Wiktionary while staying on the page you were, use icloud sync, save required photos in the library, etc.

3) Around Me: Ita��s a total hangout application and can be used to find anything you need in your surroundings. It quickly navigates your position and gives you every big and small detail of the stores, banks, LPG stations, restaurants, movie theatre, taxi, etc. It gives you complete distance and route of the place you have tapped on and also allow you to share this information with your friend.

4) Bump: Other than fun and food, it is a very valuable application. It allows users to transfer all the stuff between their Smartphonea��s using their internet. To start a transfer both the users bump their Smartphonea��s together and a confirmation message displays in their screens and after confirming your data gets transferred securely. Data can be contact list, images, videos or any other stuff you want to transfer. It was once most famous award winning application for iphones but had been discontinued due to some reasons and now ita��s again on the track. The bump app is no longer supported but still on the favourite apps out there sadly we could not find an itune store link to be provided.

5) Netflix: It is your pocket TV application. It allows you to watch your favourite serials and movies on the go. This free app is available with one moth unlimited trail so you can watch anything for free. After one month you will have to subscribe monthly and watch whatever you like. This application is updated regularly with all new interesting stuff and it will provide you with title suggestions which will make it easy for you to navigate your favourite program.