Top 5 new iPhone Apps of the First week -July 2014


On this first week of July 2014 we have extracted the five best applications for your Iphone’s from a huge load of applications being developed at an alarming rate. In collecting these applications we have paid special focus towards productiveness and growing social world. I am sure you are going to love them all because we have worked hard in collecting them for you to give you finest applications.

Apple iPhone 5s

1. Acompli: This is a highly advanced Microsoft exchange email client for iphone. It gives rich user interface with three separate tabs for Calendar, Files and People for smooth functioning. It has got a wide range of support for Microsoft tools like Office 360 and It also supports Google apps, icloud and many more. It has got fast email attachment feature and runs smooth for even highly loaded inboxes.

2. Cloze: Make it your aggregate inbox for all the social messaging websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can personalize it in own way and only hear from the people you want to. It also includes features to share, tweet and comment. Moreover it can give you notifications from every network and email which you want to add up in this application.

3. Onavo: Are you tired of high data usage on your iphone? If yes then you no more have to worry about data usage saving because this application will efficiently do this work for you. This data compression application works in background when you are not connected to WIFI and takes control of your navigation and maps application, email sync reduction, etc.

4. Bitcasa: It’s a new comer in the world of cloud storage providing 10 GB space to the users. It has got a nice user interface giving a stream line took while using it. It also provides attractive plan of 99 USD for unlimited storage. It has got a very different interface than the one drive and Drop box and its storage technique is totally unlike. Its new innovative way of data syncing makes it possible to give such huge cloud space for a free account.

5. Runtastic: After the growing craze of health consciousness due to various health friendly applications, Runtastic has also came into existence with the same motive of providing correct and accurate data about distance travelled, heart rate, speed, breaks etc. It has grown too trendy and has got about 70 million downloads. The latest version of Runtastic features information concerning hydration and acts just like your fitness trainer. It is the best fitness application you could ever have.