Top 5 New Apple iPhone Games Of The Third Week – May 2014


Every game touches the skies when it runs on rich and soother iOS platform. Whether it is a classic game, arcade or shooting iOS has got all of these piled up for you. Believe, here we have collected top 5 best games which were launched recently for the 3rd week of May 2014. These games have been picked selectively to give you best gaming experience and keep you updated with recent game launches for iPhone. Let’s discover the best games of May 2014.

Top 5 New Apple iPhone Games Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers: It’s the must have game for tower defence addicts. Here you will enter into an amazing world of fantasy and save your kingdom from the monsters invading it. There are fixed emplacements so you have to use your towers wisely and prevent those miniatures from entering the bay. In the mean time you can upgrade the power of your towers and implement their feature and unlock a ground point from where you can attack them more powerfully. You are really going to love this game.

2. Reckless Racing 2: After the sparkling success of Reckless racing 1 now its turn to get addicted to its second version so called reckless racing 2. It’s a complete freedom arcade racing game where you can design and develop your car with the accessories you want. Instead of getting higher ranks by winning cups here you have to maintain higher Performance Index to higher ranks. Besides its common Career mode it has also got a challenge mode where you will be provided with any unanimous car and you have to win the race. You will be only promoted to the next challenge only if you finish the previous race with 3rd or above position. It has also got overall in-depth good graphics quality and nice suiting sounds much more enhanced than its previous version.

3. Device 6: It’s an interesting mixed puzzle game which is going to make you read, solve puzzles and shake your phone. Before getting started you will be asked many multiple choice questions to test your engagement with Device 6. Latter you will be told the story of Anna through interactive text and real sounds. After a long story you will have to use different tricks and solve amazing puzzles with given objects. Actually this game I too tough to be explained you should really give it a try as its worth your trying.

4. Pivvot: This is a brand new iOS game developed by Whittaker Trebella. The controls are too simple, just have to tap on the right and left end of your screen to pivot the given dot around its joint. You will come across many obstacles which running the dot. You have to go through the five game modes to finish the game which includes Voyage where you have to run through the curve and prevent from hitting obstacles, after every few moments new obstacles will arise in your way. After you will get trained with some obstacles you will be moved on to the next mode.

5. Bad land: It’s a highly addictive adventure game developed by world famous Frog mind developers. You just have to press the single button to bounce and float to the ground. There are a lot of obstacles which are hungry at crushing, grinding, slicing and exploding you. You just have to guide the avatar through all the way and save him from the accidents. You will pick up various power ups in your way which decrease the size of avatar, slows down the time and does lot of other activities to help you get out safely.